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Integration is critical for businesses both big and small. In fact you could strongly argue that integration is more important for a small business as it provides great efficiencies without growing the size of the payroll. 

SmartConnect provides a completely configurable solution for all integrations into and out of Xero. Xero has provided a rest based API for integration which is a great selling point – but unless you are a programmer, this API is pretty useless.  There are many apps which ship with ‘integration to Xero’ but you will find that each of these are hard coded and require you to run your business the way that app works. You lose your flexibility and ability to match data flows to your specific business model.

SmartConnect utilizes the Xero API to give you a ‘no code’ way to build all your integrations. It is a single tool that lets you connect to ALL the data you need to run your business.


Xero and CRM

Selling and customer satisfaction are the most important things to a growing small business. Having your CRM system and Xero connected together, as well as integrated with your eCommerce site, your time tracking app, your marketing and email engines are all vitally important. SmartConnect lets you have total control over all of these integration points.

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Two Way CRM Sync

Link Xero with your favorite CRM through preconfigured integration templates.

Excel Add-in

Xero users also love their spreadsheets. Push changes in Excel directly to Xero.

Cloud to Cloud

Connect Xero to your favorite cloud apps, without the need for a developer.

Complete Control

Unlike other Xero integration solutions, SmartConnect is 100% configurable.

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