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Integration with business apps requires interaction with a variety of web services.  SmartConnect has been built to work with both SOAP and REST services, being both sources of data and destinations. Web Service APIs provide a powerful structure for software applications to interact and talk to each other. There are two ways to interact with an API, the first is to take a programming course and you should be good in a year or so, or you can use SmartConnect to achieve the same thing in just a few minutes without the need for code or developers.  

Connect Anything to Anything 

On-Premise to Cloud. Cloud to Hosted. On-Premise to On-Premise. Cloud to On-Premise. Cloud to Cloud.  SmartConnect handles all of these scenarios though the same simple interface. If the application you need to connect to has a web service API then you can use it as a source of data. You can take the data and move integrate it to another web service API, back to an on premise solution or anywhere you need.

Clouds Apps

Many organizations have been frightened about users finding and using clouds or mobile apps for business purposes, as the data sits in a silo and is not integrated or shared with the rest of the companies systems. SmartConnect opens up all of the benefits of cloud applications to an organization by allowing them to incorporate all of these into a business process workflow and keep control over all the business data.  

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See For Yourself

Do More with Web Services + SMARTCONNECT


If there's a web service for an app, you can connect to it with SmartConnect.

Call it with Code

Integrations are wrapped up in a single service. Call that service from your code. 

Hybrid Power

Integrate on-premise and cloud apps through the web service connector. 

Excel Add-In

Enter data into Excel and have it end up in any app in the world. 


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