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Adoption is one of the biggest reasons why a CRM implementation fails. One of the key excuses for poor adoption is that internal systems are not tightly integrated and there is way too much rekeying of data.

SmartConnect will ensure you remove this excuse from your implementation and streamline all your integrations with You can use SmartConnect to make sure all your data migration is in place before users start using the system. SmartConnect then will automate all ongoing integrations to guarantee that the right data is in the right place at all times.

SmartConnect gives you easy to configure, ‘no code’ integration solutions. Integration should not be difficult or frightening.  The best thing about SmartConnect and Salesforce is that your integrations are totally configurable, meaning you can connect anything to anything. With there being no need to write any code, you get total control over your data flow. If you need to change an integration or map some more fields - you just do it yourself without having to call a developer.

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Scheduled Control

Schedule your integrations every minute, every hour, every day or once a month.

Excel Add-In

CRM users also love their spreadsheets. Push changes in Excel directly to Salesforce.

Helpdesk Sync

Integration templates link Salesforce to your cloud apps like Zendesk and more.

ERP to Drive Sales

Auto-analyze sales numbers in your ERP and auto-create sales activities in Salesforce. 


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