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There are thousands of applications that run on top of a SQL server database. SmartConnect makes connecting these applications with all your other business systems an enjoyable task.  Integrations can be one way or two way with data coming from and/or writing back into your SQL database. SQL integrations do not require any knowledge of SSIS but rather the ability to locate a SQL table.

You are able to select any table, any view or any stored procedure as a data source for a SmartConnect map. You can then write directly back into those SQL tables or to a stored procedure as your destination. The stored procedure option is ideal if you have access to a procedure that contains important business logic for the tables you are updating. Updating SQL tables directly is very powerful but you must also be careful to ensure you are updating only all of the correct fields.

Real Time Triggers         

A SQL based SmartConnect map can triggered real time. SmartConnect creates these triggers for you in SQL so you do not need to be a trigger expert. Real time triggers, scheduled maps or manual maps allow you to ensure that your integration fits in perfectly with your business process.  If you need to have an invoice created in your ERP instantly when a record is updated in SQL – that is done with a real time SQL trigger.

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Do More with MIcrosoft SQL + SMARTCONNECT

Build Custom Apps

Use SmartConnect as the API engine when creating apps with a SQL backend.

Excel Add-in

Don't under estimate the power of spreadsheets. Push changes directly to SQL.

Real-time Triggers

SmartConnect utilizes Real-Time SQL triggers, without the need for a developer.

Replicate Cloud Data

Pull cloud based data into a local SQL database for backup, reporting or manipulation.


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