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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales Online
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Connector


SmartConnect for Dynamics 365 Sales

SmartConnect makes generating new data easy.  Whether you’re bringing together Dynamics 365 with your front office, back office, or cloud based applications, making the move from one system to another, or looking to improve productivity for your Dynamics 365 end users, SmartConnect is the only platform you’ll need.

Ensure you have the right information, in the right place, at the right time with your contacts, accounts, leads, sales order processing and more!

Advanced Functions without the Headache

SmartConnect helps you to use the entire capability of Dynamics 365’s API, without developing complex code, and it always works with the latest version, so implementations happen faster, and upgrades go smoother. 

No More Waiting for Scheduled Integrations

Create true real-time triggers through CRM plug-ins without the need for a CRM developer. 


See For Yourself

Do More with Dynamics 365 + SMARTCONNECT

Secure Connectivity

Online? On-prem? IFD? ADFS? Not sure? Doesn't matter, we've got the hookup.

Excel Add-in

365 users also love their spreadsheets. Push changes in in excel directly to 365.

Real-time Triggers

SmartConnect creates plugins inside Dynamics 365, without the need for a developer.

Smart Entity Lookups

You can kick the GUIDs to the curb. Any data in your source can be used to find unique IDs.


See how SmartConnect gets Dynamics 365 working together with other platforms including:

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