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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Financials

Dynamics 365 Business Edition - Financials

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Financials Connector


Integration into and out of Dynamics 365 Financials

Dynamics 365 Financials is not the only business software you use. You need all your systems to talk together and with SmartConnect you can make that happen without writing a single line of code. Take data from any SmartConnect data source into anywhere in Dynamics 365 in bulk, as a change tracked integration or based on a real time event, it is up to you. In reverse, you can pull any data out of Dynamics 365 and update all your other systems with data from Financials.

 Only Accurate Data

SmartConnect leverages all the business logic of the Dynamics 365 Financials web services to ensure only valid data is accepted.  Any bad data or integration errors are flagged and quarantined for review and updating, and an email is sent to let you know there were issues with a given integration run.

 Need More than What Microsoft Gives You?

If you have chosen Dynamics 365 you are a cloud software business. I am sure that you also use any number of other cloud based software solutions for CRM, subscriptions, help desk, credit cards, ecommerce, member management, expense management etc.  Dynamics Financials is great but it does not do everything, and everything must be integrated. 

CRM Integration is More Than Accounts and Orders

You chose Microsoft CRM for how easy it was to customize to fit your business. You chose Financials because it is very configurable to handle your business process.  So an out of the box integration is never going to be the complete answer. You need data to flow based on your process, you need data to pull from your custom entities, you don’t create orders, sometimes you need to create projects instead, or inventory adjustments or any other transaction type you need to create automatically. SmartConnect lets you build integrations your way.


See For Yourself

Do More with Dynamics 365 + SMARTCONNECT

Secure Connectivity

Online? On-prem? IFD? ADFS? Not sure? Doesn't matter, we've got the hookup.

Excel Add-in

365 users also love their spreadsheets. Push changes in in excel directly to CRM.

Real-time Triggers

SmartConnect creates plugins inside Dynamics 365, without the need for a developer.

Smart Entity Lookups

You can kick the GUIDs to the curb. Any data in your source can be used to find unique IDs.


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