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Microsoft Excel Add-in

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Microsoft Excel Add-in


The Excel Add-in

SmartConnect has a free Excel add-in for use by all clients. The Excel add-in provides a number of great features for enhancing Excel integrations through SmartConnect.


  1. Push integrations from within Excel: The Excel add-in allows you to execute an integration right from the Excel Menu bar. Simply enter your data into your defined format and hit “send to SmartConnect.”
  2. The Excel add-in lets you retrieve data from a data source right into Excel through the ‘Get Data’ function. This means if you need an opportunity to interact with your data before completing an integration, you can. Pull data from your favorite cloud app (for example and view those timesheets in Excel, update them if you need to, then push them into Xero or NAV to create invoices based on those timesheets.
  3. The 'Get Columns' function will automatically build a data template for you in Excel – based upon a prebuilt map.


Add Some VBA

For those Excel gurus out there you can build a very complex worksheet that meets your specific formatting needs, and then add a button to that screen that will call a SmartConnect map from behind that button. This ensures SmartConnect is invisible to the end user and fits in tightly with your specific business process. In the same way, any developer can call a SmartConnect map (via our web service) from their custom code on any website or customer software solution.

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